We want to share with you the best part of our creative life activities in this section of the web site.

We offer just a few selections of our favorite activities which we are deeply involved in.

We are very interested in organic gardening, permaculture, exotic/edible plants and propagation of those plants.

Food growing & gathering, foraging and raw foods (mostly) preparation both vegan options as well as non vegan options are important to us.

We have a retail shop location now in the small village of Lamai on Koh Samui Island in Southern Thailand which is now our headquarters.

Ultimately we intend to create a raw food retreat center that we call the “Thai Raw Spa”.

We are looking for contributors and investors for this endeavor currently and would like to invite anyone with resources to help get this vision off the ground to please contact us! And of coarse if you are interested in any of our services please don’t hesitate to contact us as well.

“Thai Raw Food classes” and Health Coaching

“The next step” Hands on Thai Raw Food Classes Health & Lasting Beauty authentic Thai perspective & Private Session Health Coaching with “Ms Ta”

Ms Ta has been preparing traditional Thai raw food meals all of her life. She grew up in a happy traditional Thai family house made from all bamboo with no modern chemicals (organic), no electricity orrunning water in Northern Thailand. She has been into an exclusive raw food diet now for more than 10 years. “Ta” blends “old world” raw Thai wisdom with plenty of cutting edge modern raw food movement info for a fascinating adventure into the World of Raw Foods. Her system goes beyond just cleansing she says, “I work on cleansing and rebuilding the body simultaneously, a system that can rebuild and remake one’s body like no other healing system or lifestyle/ beauty choice on Earth”.