How To Order

Here we are going to let you know how to order products from us.

First, we do NOT accept credit cards. Please don’t ask!

If you are ordering from us, we work like this . . .

Please communicate with us by e-mail is really best if you can make that happen.

Email: info [@], prakang [@]

Cell Phone: +66 (0) 81-089-7766 (Shop)

HP#: 081-089-7766 (locally call this number, 9 am to 9 pm Thai time normally)

Please let us know . . . what you want to order & order questions plus your location (full mailing address) & how fast you want it to get there?

And then we will email you back the total costs, along with the final fund transfer details.

If you are ordering from Thailand we work like this . . .

After we all agree on total amount with our client first then we ask them to make an ATM local bank transfer or on-line Thai Banking transfer or PayPal transfer or final way is to just to go into any Bangkok Bank & deposit the full funds into our local Thai Bangkok Bank savings account.

Please send the info by e-mail (please no phone calls if possible or SMS (never SMS PLEASE!) for this part, send us your full complete mailing address & working tel number too.

The shipping address written “Thai style” is helpful:

The Ampere (A.), Tambon (T.), Jang Watt (J.) & all that included in the address.

This makes things easier for the address to be clearer.

1) Tambon = T. = County

2) Ampher = A. = District

3) Jangwat = J. = Province

4) Zip Code

5) Include a working telephone number if possible too.

Please, if you don’t mind find out this info for your address & it will make things go smoother with deliveries.

Yes English Lang is ok to use or Thai Lang works fine as well.

Often inside Thailand we ship with a very fast & good, EMS service.

It’s very nice & “right to your door” delivery service normally to all areas in Thailand.

If ordering from overseas . . .

We have a Thai connected PayPal account and accept that way for payments.

The other way you can make payments is with an international bank to bank transfer.

Just ask us for this info & we will offer you this info no problem by email.

PayPal looks like the way to go for most smaller international orders now though as it is so fast and safe too.

If something isn’t clear just ask and we can help you figure it all out with you no worries.

When you contact us always tell us where you want the products to be shipped to (your home country is a good start!) & what method to ship the order to you by.

You can’t believe how many people don’t give us this basic info when they want a quote for an order!

If you can send us the complete “ship to address” in the beginning that’s also very helpful too for getting you back a full complete quote including shipping cost.

The post office is how most smaller overseas orders go out 1 kilo to 20 kilo in shipping weight.
And each country has its own rate based on how much the package weighs, up to 20 kilos max shipping weight.

There are 4 ways to ship with the Thai post office:

EMS MAIL: Can track this type package. Takes about 5-7 days it’s shipped by the 1/2 kg increments. So if you send 5.5 kg of shipping weight (don’t forget the packing & box) you pay for 5.5 kg of shipping weight. (see update below for a special; shipping deal with EMS below)

AIR MAIL: Takes about 10 – 14 days and is shipped by full kilo increments. So if the box weighs say 5.1 kg, you pay for 6 kg of shipping weight. Note: Cannot track this type of package.

SAL MAIL: Takes about 30 days to most locations and is shipped by full kilo increments. The Post Office calls this service “economy air mail”. Note: Cannot track this type of package.

SEA MAIL: Takes anywhere from 10 days to 3 months. Some places, it takes 10 days believe it or not to arrive, like Japan normally. We found other places like Hawaii can take up to 3 months. So it depends on some luck and your location as well. The faster the mail service normally the more expensive for shipping cost. Note: Cannot track this type of package.

Also if you have any thoughts to consider a larger, wholesale size order(s), we are happy to handle those kinds of requests too. 80% of our biz is wholesale, so we are set up for that sort of biz no doubt.
Shipping on pallet or a whole container, can save a lot of cost when shipping as well. If interested you may request a wholesale price sheet & communicate more about your larger needs by e-mail.

Note: For international post office sent packages we cannot send any liquids with airmail or EMS packages.
If it’s a small amount its possible but if more than about 500ml its often sent back.

Only with SEA MAIL or other forms of delivery are liquids ok to ship (not by EMS or airmail though).

There is now a much better flat rate “deal” for shipping EMS through the Thai post office here we know about & like to share with you. The box size isn’t so big but if your ordering say a lot of “100g soap bars” (a heavy & quite compact product) for sure you can send at least 8 kilos or so of this product weight inside the special flat rate EMS box.

We can ship this flat rate package by EMS (5-7 days delivery & trackable) for very reasonable price. Please ask for more info about any subject you’re interested in.

Sawadee from all of us . . . Thai Organic Life 🙂